Tournament This Weekend???

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Should we play this weekend?

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Tournament This Weekend???

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:42 pm

As we all may know, the tournaments are exciting and the team is progressing quicker than imaginable. As for the coaches sake, we are anxious to see these guys play to their full potential and get a feel of success. At the same time, the last thing we want is for the kids or the parents get burnt out from playing baseball. We would love to schedule a single game for this upcoming weekend. But we realize that actually playing the game and being the parents dedicating your time can become a hassle. So we're setting up a poll as to see if you the parents would be interested in scheduling a game this weekend. Keep in mind that we DO understand that there's more to life than just baseball and we definitely understand and respect either decision. Thank you for participating!!! Very Happy
P.S. Your vote will be anonymous and unnamed even to the coaches!


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